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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bio or Biologique. Aliments Biologiques, Produits Biologiques AB - Organic Food in France. Organic Produce, Organic Meat, Organic Milk, Organic Cheeses, Organic Wines and More.

When looking for organic produce look for the label AB .

fromBehind the French MenubyBryan G. Newman



The initials AB identify Agriculture Biologique;  it is France’s most respected organic green agriculture marking.  All  products bearing the label AB, will have been controlled at many stages, and they will have met all  the stringent requirements, un addition they may be marked. All products bearing the logo AB will have been grown and or produced without synthetic pesticides, insecticides or genetically modified seeds. Animals will only have eaten or been fed organic feed, and none will have been injected with antibiotics or growth hormones etc.,
The AB label, introduced by the government in 1985 is well regulated and supervised; it is trusted and it will be the initials for the organically produced foods that one sees most often.  N.B. In France, as in other countries, organic farming regulations do not seriously attempt to regulate for better living conditions for farm animals. 

As in the USA processed foods may be labeled 100% organic if 95% of the contents are organic, the 5% left comes from a shrinking list of items that are not yet available organically; however,  unlike the USA no synthetic products at all are permitted in that 5%.  There is no control for salt water fish and or seafood caught in the wild, as no one can control what your oyster or fish fillet had for lunch. 
The French organic farming industry may lag somewhat behind some other countries in Europe but it is growing. Over 3% of all farmland is now used for organic products; the organically raised beef cattle industry show numbers rising by 15- 20% a year and the number of organic freshwater fish farms, mainly trout, are also rising.
The taxpayer’s Euros are involved as the government subsidizes farms that switch to organically raised crops and animal; the government also subsidizes farms that use organic solutions to ground water pollution problems.
Local associations such a AgroBio Périgord  in the Dordogne and the Association de l'Agriculture Biologique de Picardie are two  of the many local associations and organizations that work together with the government controlled Agriculture Biologique.

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